3D Print yourself the simply named “Sword” from Breath of the Wild

When we feature a 3D printed fictional weapon it usually has a fancy name like Stormbreaker or Azarov’s Skull, but today’s offering from Breath of the Wild goes in the opposite direction.

Known as simply “sword“, this weapon can be had by scanning in an amiibo. This recreation of it was created by maker Craig Dixon after he tried to print the Master Sword but ended up with incorrect proportions.

Instead he pivoted to this project after encountering the weapon in Breath of the Wild and falling in love with its design.

To make his own version Dixon tells us that he used Fusion 360 together with screenshots, concept work of the original incarnation from the NES game, and an art book which featured useful details for detailing and sizing.

This process took around a week of model work in his spare time before the completed design was cut into nine pieces and printed over forty hours.

Once assembled the sword measures in at 34 inches / 86 centimetres, but does require a metal rod through the centre to keep it rigid.

To smooth it out the sword the trinity of sandpaper, Bondo and filler primer was used with this part of the project taking longer than even the modelling work.

Some battle damaged was added with a Dremel and a needle file before it was finally ready for paint. After tracking down the spray paint with the shiniest finish, the blade and handle were done in silver and gold respectively.

To give the gem a proper look the 3D print acted as the base for a silicon mould that was filled with red resin.

The other non-printed addition is some scrap leather for the handle, and finally some more weathering with a paint wash and some scratch marks.

If all of that doesn’t sound daunting to you, the files to make your own can be found for free over on Thingiverse.

While you can now take this finished sword and brandish it for a con or put it onto a simple mount for a wall display, Dixon had bigger plans than that and wanted to make a stand for his creation too.

The stand you see on this page is 46 X 21 inches (117 X 53 centimetres) and is based off of weapon displays seen in the game.

A screenshot was printed and and turned into a scale drawing. This was added into Fusion 360 to fix some errors and get the exact measurements for the cuts of wood that were added.

Yes this stand isn’t entirely 3D printed with wood and cloth being the main components.

What’s printed here are the hooks that hold onto the hilt, and a plaque which features the name of the game and the in-game description of the sword in Hylian.

These files are also available on Thingiverse and can be scaled to fit whatever weapon you’d like from Breath of the Wild.

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