Five heads on this 3D print of Tiamat from Dungeons & Dragons

While we’ve featured a few 3D prints for Dungeons & Dragons sessions in the past, none are as large or imposing as this version of Tiamat.

Maker Fabiano Borba is responsible for what you see on this page, but the model itself is a remix from a very impressive creation by Miguel Zavala.

Using Meshmixer and SketchUp, Borba cleverly sliced the model to use up much less filament in its supports. This greatly reduced the time needed to print this large figure, as well as bringing down the overall cost of the project.

With infill set to 50% for the head, 20% for the wings and 20% for everything else, printing took a total of 11 hours.

That’s impressive given the fact that Tiamat stands 14 centimetres tall and has a wingspan of 38 centimetres. At 21 centimetres long the figure weighs just 258 grams being printed in PLA.

After the individual pieces were glued together with liquid silicon it was covered with a spray primer and then painted.

To make your own you can either download the remixed files that were used here, or the original version by Zavala.

Borba adds that anyone looking to replicate this shouldn’t be scared by the size and complexity as he did his best to make it easy to print.

Those looking for smaller D&D prints should check out this Aboleth, or a Beholder Christmas tree topper for later this year.

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