General Grievous scuttles into Star Wars Battlefront II

Everyone’s favourite asthmatic General Grievous is finally playable in Star Wars Battlefront II as of the latest Clone Wars update bearing his name.

In the game you’ll be able to use three different Abilities: Thrust Surge, Unrelenting Advance, and Claw Rush.

Thrust Surge is a lunge with all four lightsabers, Unrelenting Advance uses two of those lightsabers in a spinning motion to cut through the battlefield, and Claw Rush sees the general scuttling around on all six limbs at a rapid pace.

More details about this new addition to the game, as well as all the other changes this update brings, can be found on in this official blog post.

Make sure you click around to see the full patch notes as well as information about how new hero characters are created for the game.

Finally, it would be irresponsible of us to talk about General Grievous without mentioning his portrayal in 2003’s Star Wars: Clone Wars. Despite his name being easy to confuse with many other shows, this was the special series created by Genndy Tartakovsky of Samurai Jack fame.

After you’ve watched the trailer for this character in Battlefront II (embedded below), check out this scene from the show featuring him terrorising some Jedi. We, like many others, consider this to be the best screen time Grievous ever got.

If that got you hooked the full series is available on YouTube in HD if you have a spare two hours to kill. It’s not exactly legitimate, but it is easy to find.


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