Google reportedly working on Play Pass subscription service for apps

Subscription services are nothing new, but have becoming en vogue again with the rise of Netflix.

Now every company that offers some sort of service or solution is looking to see if it can do so on a subscription basis, and Google is no different, with rumours of its own offering called the Play Pass said to be in the works.

While Google is yet to confirm whether such a plan is in place, 9to5Google cites a recent XDA Developers story in which lines of code referring to Play Pass was found.

Added to this is mention of a Google Opinion Rewards survey, which could mean that the company could soon be crowdsourcing information about whether a subscription service for their app store would be something that users would be keen on.

At this stage there’s no indication of whether Play Pass would indeed become a fully fledged service, but it has been noted that Google does not earn as much revenue per app download that the Apple App Store does for example.

As such having such a service could prove more profitable for the company, but it still remains to be seen if Google users would want to pay for a service, especially with their being a bevy of free apps on the platform.

Perhaps then Play Pass could be aimed at some of the Store’s other offerings, such as games, music and movies, but then again the latter two already have a paid offering of sorts.

Nevertheless it should be interesting to see how Google plans to make its Play Store more profitable, as well as how users will react.


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