Pricing and availability revealed for Enter the Gungeon physical edition

Since August we’ve been getting a slow drip of information about a limited, physical run of Enter the Gungeon, with the last important details finally being revealed today.

Special Reserve Games will be putting out boxed copies of the game on PlayStation 4, but that’s not nearly as interesting as a physical representation of the Ammonomicon.

If you haven’t played the game yet (and you really, really should have by now), the Ammonomicon acts as a compendium for the player, providing information about the game’s enemies, weapons, items and more.

Also, as is customary for this game, it’s a spoof of another piece of popular media, this time being the Necronomicon.

This printed version of the book 224 pages and features new art by developers Dodge Roll.

The physical game and Ammonomicon go on sale from 13th November this year, and a recent tweet has provided us with the pricing of the items, along with the worryingly small amount that will be available.

The game and the book can be purchased separately, or as a bundle. Buying this bundle does save you a bit of money – $5.43 (~R77.48) to be exact. It also seems to come with a slipcase to keep both items together.

Once sales open head on over to the Special Reserve Games website and hope that you’re able to snag one for yourself before the stock gets eaten up.

While we’d usually advice against blindly buying games, Enter the Gungeon has been out for years now and has solidified itself as a phenomenal title, and Special Reserve Games is known for their quality work. While this is targeted towards people that are already fans of the game, could even suggest this to someone new to the game, if they also happen to be a collector of this type of product.

After this lot is sold out a physical version for the Nintendo Switch will go on sale at a later date.


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