Reddit and Patreon partner up

Two popular platforms for content creators online, Reddit and Patreon, have announced a newly minted partnership.

The aim of the partnership is to give creators a better way to drive engagement with fans both existing and new.

As part of this agreement, Patreon users will be able to link new and existing Reddit communities to their account. Once connected, the creator can display Patreon widgets on the page in a bid to drive traffic to their Patreon page.

That deal goes both ways because once on the Patreon page, users will be able to place a Reddit community widget there to drive traffic to that platform.

A creator’s Patrons will also recieve a special flair alongside their posts on the Reddit page.

“Many Patreon creators moderate a Reddit community where their fans gather and converse. Together, we’ve built an integration that helps you engage more deeply with patrons, grow your membership business, and ultimately, spend more time creating,” reads an official blog from Patreon.

Patreon says that this integration is easy to set up and requires no manual maintenance on the part of the creators.

The integration is currently being tested among a small group of creators and it will be rolled out to more at the end of October.


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