Bethesda releases Tales from The West Virginia Hills for Fallout 76

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As we get ever closer to the 14th November release of Fallout 76, Bethesda is pumping out content to get people excited about the title, with the latest being a series of radio plays uploaded to YouTube.

These plays are known as the “Tales from The West Virginia Hills”. These five stories each focus on one particular monster from West Virginia, some of which were briefly discussed in the Noclip documentary on the game.

This week’s monsters are the Wendigo, Sideshow Snallygaster, Mothman, Beast of Grafton (seen above) and what appears to be some aliens.

Each tale is nice and short and you can get through all five videos in around 30 minutes. That’s great if you want to get through it all in a lunch break, but a bit disappointing if you were expecting something akin to a full audiobook.

Those without the time to listen to the Tales from The West Virginia Hills, can find a nice little summary of them on Bethesda’s website, together with what looks to be in-game screenshots of these enemies.

Aside from the charm of these productions and their decidedly old feel, it’s nice to hear some clever touches such as the Strange Encounter In Flatwoods featuring a sponsorship for Sugar Bombs.

We’ve put all five videos into a playlist that you can list to below. There’s no visual aspect to them aside from the piece of art in the thumbnail, so throw these on in the background. We imagine they make great listening while actually playing Fallout 76.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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