My Hero Academia 3D printed with this pair of Froppy’s goggles

Despite its popularity we’ve seen relatively few 3D prints from My Hero Academia, so let’s start with something relatively simple in Froppy’s goggles.

This creation comes to us from Adam Ubel of MesserTech who tells us that the modelling work was mainly done in Tinkercad 3D Builder with a few minor adjustments made in 3D Builder.

This process took around four hours to complete with printing taking much longer at 26 hours.

Infill here was set to 25% so the print would have a bit of flex when worn around the head. This version was done at 170% scale to fit the wearer’s head and to look accurate, resulting in a prop that’s 10 inches (25.4 centimetres) wide.

With some paint applied and a strap added, Ubel tells us that walking around with the print on your head isn’t too much of a chore and anyone could do it comfortably for a long day at a con or something similar.

If you’d like to make your own the files are available for free from MyMiniFactory, but note that supports are highly recommended due to the hollow sections of the print.

While the lenses here are opaque plastic, we don’t think that’s too much of a problem as they’re meant to be worn on the forehead as that’s how they’re usually portrayed. Those looking to make something more functional would need to slice out the lens sections here and replace them with something suitable.

Check back here soon where we’ll be featuring more prints from My Hero Academia. Ubel  is working on All For One’s mask among others, and has already released some smaller creations.

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