Return to Fallout 4 with this 3D print of the T-45 power armour helmet

With Fallout 76 releasing today, one maker has gone back to Fallout 4 to 3D print part of the T-45 power armour that was used in much of the game’s marketing.

That maker is 15-year-old Zachary Quinn who started the project by getting the measurements for the prop from the Fallout 4 game files and then scaling them to a real motorcycle helmet he owns, ensuring it would fit his head.

The modelling process could then begin in Fusion 360, which took 30 hours to complete using screenshots as a reference along the way.

Printing took around 89 hours to complete using up 1.2 kilograms worth of filament. The individual pieces were sanded down even before being glued together with heavy-duty epoxy.

Once assembled the seams were filled in with wood putty and then another round of sanding could begin.

With the helmet now in one piece, three heavy layers of primer were applied followed by a dark grey spray paint.

Metallic silver followed this and, with the paint done, weathering was added by scratching up the pristine colours.

Those looking to make their own version of this project can do so by downloading the files, which are available for free from Thingiverse.

The version of the helmet you see on this page measures in at around 30 X 30 X 39 centimetres, so remember to scale yours to fit.

Along with the other materials here, foam inserts are also a must if you intend to wear this at all and not just put it on a shelf for display.

Apart from that the only part missing from the print are the tubing pieces on either side of the helmet, but these can be added in by picking some up from the hardware store to save on filament.

To go along with your new power armour piece, why not print out some weaponry? The BroadsiderRipperThirst Zapper and more are all available.

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