Store your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in this 3D printed Millennium Puzzle box

There’s no shortage of impressive deck boxes out there for Yu-Gi-Oh! and other standard size TCGs, but now there’s yet another option thanks to the community.

Maker Nicolás Narbaiza has recreated the Millennium Puzzle box complete with space for three dice and around 230 unsleeved cards.

Narbaiza tells us that this project actually started out as a 3D print of the Millennium Puzzle itself and not the box the disassembled puzzle was kept it.

Unfortunately the shape of the Millennium Puzzle proved difficult to fit a substantial amount of cards into while still retaining a relatively small footprint, and the box was chosen instead.

Using Rhinoceros 3D, the modelling process took around 12 hours to complete over the course of a week.

Printing took slightly longer at 20 hours resulting in a box measuring about 10 X 19.3 X 11 centimetres on the outside. The cavity within for your cards is slightly smaller due to the space dedicated to the dice, which can be seen in this diagram.

The individual pieces of the print were glued together and the lid is kept in place with some indents and magnets. Those worried about their cards popping out may want to do a bit of remodelling to add in some rails or invest in particularly strong magnets.

The print you see on this page has not been painted as the depiction of the box is mostly a single colour and the choice of filament matches it rather well. Metallic look gold / brass filament or those that incorporate metal would work particularly well here.

If you’d like to make your own Millennium Puzzle box the files to do so are available for free from MyMiniFactory.

As this print is actually being used for Magic: The Gathering, the dice compartment is made to fit D20s, but these can be edited out to fit any other dice or counters you’d need for your game of choice.

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