Swamp Thing TV series casts two actors to play each half of lead role

Next year DC plans to launch a Swamp Thing TV series, and with the exception of it being on their Universe streaming service, little was known about the project.

That changes somewhat today, with casting of the lead role being confirmed by DC.

It won’t be one man playing the titular role, however, but two, with Andy Bean from IT: Chapter 2 and Derek Mears of Agents of Shield fame set to play each half of Swamp Thing.

The move is akin to the Incredible Hulk TV series of the 80’s which saw Lou Ferrigno transforming into the Marvel superhero and Bill Bixby playing Dr. David Banner.

Bean will be taking on the role biologist Alec Holland, with Mears inhabiting his larger, greener and swampier alter ego.

Apart from the casting there aren’t any other details about the project, with the storyline still up in the air.

Over the years there have been a handful of superb Swamp Thing comic book runs, with Alan Moore’s one in particular standing out. Whereas previous interpretations of the character looked at a man trapped in a plant’s body, Moore flipped it and made for a far more interesting story.

Whether the DC Universe version will attempt something similar is unclear, but for the most part many of their original live actions series have stayed pretty true to the comic books.

What does give us hope for the project is the fact that Aquaman director James Wan will be executive producing the series, as well as directing the pilot. With his horror and big budget movie credentials, hopefully Wan can do the beloved Swamp Thing justice.


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