The iOS version of Tumblr goes missing from Apple App Store

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If you head to the Apple App Store and look for the Tumblr app, your search will be in vain as the application has gone missing from the marketplace over the weekend.

The reason why Tumblr is no longer found in the App Store comes down to a recently discovered issue with the iOS version of the application.

More precisely PiunikaWeb is reporting that users have begun to notice a few issues whenever they tried to search while Safe Mode was turned off. These persistent issues prompted users to delete the app and then try to reinstall it, but when they searched for the app in the Apple Store, it could not be found.

That said, some users said they have been able to re-download the application, although it is unclear if that sorted out the search issue they initially encountered.

For now though Tumblr says that it’s working on a fix for the issue, and as of writing that still remains the status of the app.

As for what’s prompting the search issue, no information is forthcoming from Tumblr, but The Verge says that it might have something to do with the nature of inappropriate content that may be on the platform.

The website has reached out to both Tumblr and Apple for comment, but at this stage is yet to receive any official communication or update.

With Tumblr having previously been used for the distribution of child pornography, the platform clearly has an issue when it comes to NSFW and graphic content.

Hopefully though, that isn’t the issue this time around, and a fix can quickly be found.

[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

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