All the game reveals from The Game Awards 2018

Early this morning The Game Awards 2018 took place.

While many viewers were surely excited to find out which games and celebrities would be recognised, we were waiting in anticipation for the game announcements.

The idea of announcing forthcoming games during an awards ceremony seems bizarre, we think it would be a missed opportunity not to tell the world about a new game you have coming up with thousands of gamers watching closely.

So what games can we look forward to?

Mortal Kombat 11

Blood, gore and hip-hop come together in this first trailer for MK11. The game launches on 23rd April 2019 with a reveal event slated for 17th January.

We advise holding on to your cash until we know more about the game. Shao Kahn is cool but so is not being burned by a publisher chasing a pay cheque rather than a decent experience for gamers.

The Outer Worlds

With the disappointment of Fallout 76 still lingering we’re itching for an interesting RPG adventure and The Outer Worlds seems to fit the bill.

The game is being developed by RPG legends and original Fallout developers, Obsidian Entertainment which was just acquired by Microsoft Studios.

We’re keen to see more of this sci-fi game in the coming months.

We’re also giving Obsidian top marks for using Iggy Pop’s The Passenger in that trailer.

The Last Campfire

Hello Games has announced a new game in The Last Campfire.

The art style is breathtaking as you can see in the trailer above.

We also like that this doesn’t seem to be on the scale of Hello Games’ last game – No Man’s Sky. Perhaps this will be a more intimate experience with a glorious story. We really do hope that’s the case.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Nintendo Switch owners are getting the chance to play an exclusive title from Marvel on that console soon.

The game is an action RPG and will allow players to create a team of heroes from the Marvel universe.

The game is out exclusively for the Switch in 2019.

Far Cry: New Dawn

Following the events of Far Cry 5 the next Far Cry game is set to take place in a post apocalyptic world.

From what we can see in the trailer this looks like Ubisoft’s answer to Rage. That’s not to say we aren’t keen to give this a spin.

We haven’t seen a direct sequel to a Far Cry game before and we’re interested to see what Ubisoft does here.

Something to do with Dragon Age?

There wasn’t exactly a trailer and had it not been for The Verge we might’ve missed this one altogether.

Bioware has revealed a new game in a tweet.

We don’t have much to go on here, not even a name. Many are saying this is a new Dragon Age game that’s because The Dread Wolf is a prominent feature in the lore of the game.

When we’re getting a new Dragon Age game though remains to be seen.

If you missed the game awards you can head here for a list of all the winners from the different categories.


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