Apple’s been shipping some slightly bent iPad Pros, but they say it’s fine

Could Apple have another bendgate on its hands?

Well not exactly but the Cupertino-based company has addressed reports that some iPad Pros have been shipping with slightly bent frames.

Specifically within their aluminium chassis, but Apple has told The Verge that it’s simply a result of the new manufacturing process, and that the bend will not worsen over time.

Apple adds that it has to do with the cooling process for the aluminium and plastic components of the iPad Pro, which undergoes some slight warping during manufacturing.

The problem first arose when MacRumors’ forum lit up with reports from concerned iPad Pro owners who had recently purchased the new Apple tablet.

The reports vary from users noting the slight bend on the iPad Pros straight out of the box, or after time from normal everyday use, so the precise nature of when the bend occurs is a bit hard to pin down at this stage.

Either way, if you’re looking to purchase a new iPad Pro, it’s worthwhile talking to the sales representative or store you’re buying from if they’re aware of the bending issue.

The Verge had pressed Apple to find out if they informed stores of the problem, especially as it would affect how consumers could claim a fault via their respective iCare warranties or the 14-day return policy, but at this stage the company said there have not been enough reports to warrant a global announcement, as has been the case with some MacBook Pro models in the past.

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