DOOM 2016 on Nintendo Switch gets video capture & improved performance

The DOOM franchise is in the news of late as the series celebrates 25 years of demon slaying, but the Switch port of the 2016 title is what’s on the docket for today.

The developers of the port, Panic Button, have recently released a substantial update to the game which has video capture as the biggest draw.

As explained on twitter, the performance of the game has been increased, recent players met online can now be added to your friends list, and after a particularly exciting encounter you can hold down the capture button to save a recording of 30 seconds of gameplay.

This feature is not available on all games and its up to developers to include it, which Panic Button has now down.

We fired up our copy of DOOM on the console, waited for the update to be pulled down, and had a go.

Here’s a quick recording we made to test out the new feature, but keep two things in mind: we haven’t played the games in month so please forgive the gameplay, and Twitter’s compression is very high.

While this is still a good representation of how most people will share their clips in DOOM and other games, you can always go through the hassle of removing the Switch’s SD card and taking videos from there if you want to avoid the compression on Twitter and Facebook – the only two platforms available to Switch players looking to share clips and images captured on the device.

See our review of this port of the game if you’re interested, but we really do recommend getting this game on PC if possible. Cheaper price aside, the increased speed on mouse and keyboard bump the game’s fun up miles for most people, ourselves included.


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