Hypertext 2018 Gift Guide: Toys for everyone

The holiday season is close now and, while many have probably done their shopping already, there’s always time to pick something new up for yourself or someone you know, and that’s where the Hypertext 2018 Gift Guide comes in handy.

We’re starting off today with toys, both those focused on tech and more traditional items to go under the tree.

While we’ve provided a link to buy these products online, make sure to shop around as you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

If you’ve run out of time and missed the shipping deadlines that a lot of these online retailers have, you can always visit a local brick and mortar, in exchange for paying slightly more.

LEGO 17101: Boost Creative Toolbox

LEGO has long offered a robotics kit known as Mindstorms, but Boost is a new line of toys starting with this toolbox that offers multiple builds in one at a lower price than its previous iterations.

This box contains everything you need to build five different types of machines, all controlled with a special brick that connects to your phone and tablet. Outside of that being interesting on its own, it also teaches coding skills with a drag-and-drop system that can move motors, detect colour, and more.

The great thing about this box is that, after you’ve done everything on offer, it can be mixed and matched with an existing LEGO collection to build even more mechanical creations.

Get it at the Great Yellow Brick Road for R2 699

Pokémon TCG theme deck

Getting into a new trading card game can be a bit difficulty, but it’s easy in Pokémon thanks to its online client and these comprehensive theme decks.

The physical box you buy gets you a full deck that can be used for play together with some rules that will teach you how to get going, but it also comes with a code that can be entered into the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO).

In PTCGO you can battle people from around the world using your new deck in a format specifically for theme decks. If that is to your taste, you can collect more cards and construct your own deck.

Get it from Raru for R200

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

While this should be in our videogame gift guide (coming soon) Starlink is the latest in the toys-to-life genre where you can buy new toys that can then be added into a game.

Starlink’s take on the genre is that you pilot a ship that can be upgraded with new toys which are physically added to the ship with slots. When this is done the upgrades appear on-screen and can then be used.

This, and all other toys-to-life games can become very expensive very quickly, but the Start Pack (pictured above for the Nintendo Switch) has everything you need to get going and, if it’s to your liking, more accessories can be bought at a later stage.

Get it from Loot for R719

Nerf Rival Kronos XVIII-500


One thing we’re glad we did in 2018 is pick up a Nerf gun again. There’s just something so satisfying about shooting stuff with harmless foam.

After not touching any Nerf products for years, we were a bit shocked by the engineering and quality in a “simple” pistol-type toy like this. It’s really well made and shoots foam balls instead of darts, allowing the small toy to have an internal magazine to reduce reloading.

They’re also surprisingly strong and can shoot over great distances, while still being relatively safe due to the softness of the projectile. Really just a great buy for anyone this holiday season.

Get it from Toy Kingdom for R480

Hamleys Indoor RC Robo Flyer

While we usually like to only recommend items we’ve tested ourselves, we can’t pass up the opportunity to talk about this RC flying toy that looks like a mech had a child with a helicopter.

We would have been absolutely stoked to receive this as children and, hell, we wouldn’t mind buying it right now either.

But do take this spot as just an idea to buy an RC toy that suits your needs, budget and the person you’re buying for. There’s a lot of RC cars, dolls and others out there for a range or prices. There’s something a bit magical about the world of radio controlled toys, and this looks like a great example.

Get it from Hamleys for R799.


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