Stage 2 load shedding is currently in effect until 10PM

South Africans are preparing for the seventh consecutive day of load shedding in 2018.

Eskom has declared that load shedding Stage 2 is in effect today from 9AM until 10PM.

As has become the norm this week the reason for Eskom’s inability to keep the lights on throughout the entirety of South Africa is a shortage of capacity.

“Our maintenance teams continue to work hard to bring the units back to service,” Eskom said.

Late on Wednesday evening Eskom also took time to correct misleading information that has been circulating online.

“Several messages being circulated via digital media indicating that there won’t be electricity in South Africa are false and misleading,” the utility said.

Eskom went on to say that load shedding is implemented to prevent the country from experiencing a total black.

We’ve compiled a list of websites where you can find your load shedding schedules here.

Note that load shedding for Thursday is scheduled to end at 10PM, that means that if your schedule says load shedding runs from 8PM to 12:30AM your power should come back at 10PM.

That having been said Eskom can change the load shedding stage at any time so we find it best to follow the utility on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with any changes.

As always we hope the cute kitten (and dog this time around) in the header helps ease the disappointment of the lights going out.


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