Discuss Gorn, Broforce and more on the new Free Lives forum

Free Lives – the South African developer known for creating Broforce, Gorn, Genital Jousting and more – have recently set up their own forum.

Announced yesterday on Twitter, the forum is open to all and exists as a section on the existing Free Lives website. You can find it over on where you can then go to individual sections for their games.

At the time of writing there are sections for Broforce, Genital Jousting, Gorn, and their lesser known title Cricket Through the Ages. There’s also one section dedicated to Free Lives itself.

While this may seem redundant given the fact that the Community Hub portion of Steam exists, we understand why this was implemented as it gives Free Lives greater control over such things and the discussion here is platform agnostic, allowing discussion to be had about the games and not what hardware they’re on.

That being said there is overlap evident in the fact that the January 2019 changelog for Broforce is repeated across the forum and Steam.

For one last mention of Broforce we may see some new playable characters in the future. Back in December new Bros such as their takes on Riddick and Xena were shown off in a livestream, and you can now discuss that on the forum.


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