Here’s your first look at the 2020 Ghostbusters

After the 2016 Ghostbusters failed to make people care about the franchise again, the property will be visited once again come next year.

When it comes to a trailer all we have is a sub-minute teaser which really doesn’t do anything except show the Ecto-1 (or something close to it) in as dramatic a way as possible.

You can watch the teaser embedded below, but really you can get everything from it by just looking at the thumbnail.

Thankfully more information about the project has been released. Details have emerged that Jason Reitman will direct (and co-write) and that the movie will be set in the original universe.

Reitman is known for many films such as Juno and Thank You for Smoking, and he’s the son of Ivan Reitman – the director of the first movie in the franchise.

The 2020 film will apparently be a direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2, unlike the 2016 iteration which acted more as a standalone entry.

Little is known of the cast at the moment but it will apparently feature a team of four teenagers who, if you care about such things, are split evenly among the sexes with two boys and two girls.

With shooting of the new movie not even underway yet, it’s going to be a while before we see more of this project.

We once again have to point to satire site Hard Drive for this tweet about just letting this property remain dead: “Interesting choice to make the Ghostbusters Franchise the main Ghost in the new Ghostbusters movie but hey, meta is in right now”.


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