dbrand introduce new “Swarm” skin with a dramatic trailer

dbrand – a company known for making vinyl skins for phones and sponsoring many content creators on YouTube – has released an odd YouTube video of their own.

The rather dramatic trailer, which is embedded below, is made to (briefly) show off a new type of skin they’re punting dubbed “Swarm”.

Swarm is an asymmetrical honeycomb pattern that only comes in black and is available for just about every device the company already covered.

dbrand offers up some odd textures and patterns for devices and some may call this a bit gaudy, but we’re definitely on board with this one. What sold us on the design was the Nintendo Switch example they have on its page, which you can see in the header image above.

To replicate that look would cost around $30, but it varies wildly between devices and how much of them you want to cover.

Right now there’s not much information out there about how Swarm feels in your hand, especially when it comes to using it for long periods of time on a console. We’re going to be ordering that full Switch skin to review Swarm, as well as the shipping to South Africa which dbrand offers for free on certain purchases and promises that it arrives in two to seven business days.

That’s right: free shipping from the US to your door in SA for free. Product aside, it would be very impressive if they can pull that off. We’ll get back to you about the veracity of those claims.

If you don’t want to wait for our review and want to take a bit of a gamble to see if it works for you, there’s also a 20% off sale running on the site for an undetermined amount of time.


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