Hulu partners with World Record Egg to shed light on mental health issues

Last month we wrote about a picture of an egg that broke the record for likes on Instagram, and then a copycat had similar ambitions for Twitter.

While we don’t know how far along the World Record Egg is to reaching that mark, it looks the Instagram account for said egg is using its 10 million strong follower base to good use, having recently partnered with streaming service Hulu to bring about more awareness around mental health issues.

This took the form of a 30 second-long video that was aired during Super Bowl weekend.

The video shows the egg starting to crack, which is followed by the words, “recently I’ve started to crack. The pressure of social media is getting to me.”

“If you’re struggling too, talk to someone,” it continues, before the egg dons a fresh new shell once again.

The end of the video features a link to the Mental Health America website.

For the most part the video has received praise online, but as others on Instagram pointed out, without a Hulu account, the video could not be watched, which is a little unfortunate.

Nevertheless it’s good to see brands use a social media zeitgeist to do more than simply hawk a new product. As such it should be interesting to see if other companies will follow in Hulu’s footsteps and turn to the World Record Egg, or perhaps some other thing that’s gone viral recently.

Also interesting to see develop is the impact that such campaigns have, especially with mental health having become a hot topic among the online creator community of late.

[Image – Engadget]


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