Samsung has stopped making new Blu-ray players

With streaming and digital purchases on the rise, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before the physical disk becomes a relic of simpler time.

Case in point is Samsung’s latest announcement, with the South Korean manufacturer confirming to Forbes and CNET that it will no longer be producing new Blu-ray players.

“Samsung will no longer introduce new Blu-Ray or 4K Blu-ray player models in the US market,” noted a Samsung spokesperson to CNET.

The website also found out that some 1080p models of Blu-ray players will also stopped being manufactured by Samsung.

While there is still the possibility that the company will continue to make players for existing models for the next few months or even years, for all intents and purposes, this announcement confirms that Blu-ray and physical discs in general have begun to reach their logical conclusion.

As we mentioned earlier, streaming platforms and online content have become so popular that there has been less of a dependence on physical discs at the moment. There is also the simple fact that the number of people who need to purchase a Blu-ray player has hit its saturation point, and there are no new customers out there for this market.

It’s perhaps telling that when Sony, which pioneered the technology with the PS3 console, decided not to support the technology with its PS4 Pro console, that Blu-ray’s time was going to come to an end.


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