Tom Scott, William Osman and Michael Reeves team up for a video

If you’ve ever wondered onto the part of YouTube focused on science, engineering, or general content based on interesting subjects in those fields, you’ve no doubt come across one of the people in the headline.

As a quick primer if you haven’t: Scott is something of a YouTube institution, creating short videos on hundreds of interesting topics. Think of each of his videos as a hyper condensed science show you’d expect to see on TV.

Osman and Reeves both create content around maker projects that are either questionably done, or have a questionable outcome. Not in any kind of sinister way, mind you, but their projects just turn out a bit jank most of the time and that, combined with their great personalities and presenting styles, make up the humour which makes their videos so compelling.

Now we can actually get to the meat here, as the trio have teamed up for a new pair of videos focused on motion sickness. They set up a car to introduce lag into the driving experience – done by blacking out the windows and replacing them with a screen fed by a camera with a delay.

This was done to induce motion sickness to test it out in a semi-safe environment, and it’s entertaining as you can imagine.

You can see Scott’s video embedded down below. Osman’s one is a bit longer and can be found here.

While Reeves features in both videos, there isn’t one on his channel. Instead we recommend the video of his that many already know, in which he created a machine specifically to shine a laser into his eyes. Yeah, remember what we said about questionable outcomes?

We of course recommend checking out the rest of the videos on all three of their channels, but you can also read our interview with Osman which was done as part of our ongoing series with YouTube content creators.


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