Bolt is toying with the idea of a food delivery service

By now you’ve likely experienced the convenience of services such as Uber Eats. For those that haven’t, there’s talk of a new player entering that market.

We’re talking about the company formerly know as Taxify, Bolt.

The ride-sharing service has today announced plans to expand Bolt’s services into food delivery.

“Combined with our technology, efficient operations and thousands of drivers in South Africa, we plan to build the best food delivery service for the people who already use our services daily,” chief executive officer and co-founder of Bolt, Markus Villig said in a statement.

Bolt says that it operates in more local cities than any other ride hailing service so perhaps it will have an edge over Uber and its Uber Eats service.

There’s no word yet on when Bolt plans to launch this service or indeed where it will launch initially. The service is currently accepting restaurant sign-ups as well as sign-ups for drivers who would ultimately deliver the food.

For anybody who is still waiting for Uber Eats to launch in their area, perhaps Bolt will be there before Uber and even if it isn’t, having options is never a bad thing.


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