Internet Archive working to save public Google+ posts before shutdown

If you had a soft spot for Google+, you’re probably aware that Google’s failed social media platform will be shutting down in early April, with the company beginning to delete posts from the 2nd.

The fate of the platform’s public posts are still up in the air, however, with the Internet Archive confirming that it’s working to preserve some of the content posted to Google+ on the Wayback Machine.

They confirmed as much on Reddit, also noting that ArchiveTeam is assisting them with the task.

Naturally the pair say that they’re working to save all of the publicly listed content on Google+, but cannot save the ones marked private or deleted. They also ask Google+ users who do not wish to have their public posts saved to delete their accounts before Google does so on 2nd April.

Furthermore they also state that not everything around a public post can be saved either, with images and videos not being kept at their original full resolutions, along with a comment thread limit of 500.

With both Internet Archive and ArchiveTeam serving as virtual time capsules where online communities can look back at old content decades from now, it should be interesting to see if there will indeed be a desire to view those old public posts.

Regardless someone has to preserve the history of the internet.


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