Facebook’s most talked about subjects ahead of SA’s national elections

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We are two weeks away from the 2019 South African national elections. With that in mind, Facebook has revealed that the most talked about topics on its platforms ahead of the elections.  

To measure the data, Facebook says it used both aggregated and anonymised data from 1st January to 22nd April this year.

According to the social media platform the distribution of election conversations by provinces revealed that people living in Gauteng, discussed election-related subjects more than any other region on the site.

[Source – Facebook]
Education was one of the most discussed topics during 26th January to 26th February, with economy following on 7th February. Corruption was also one of the most talked about topics, specifically on 20th March, with the economy once again coming up in conversations on 11th April.

[Source – Facebook]
Sticking with education, it was also a topic that appeared frequently in the comments section of Facebook during the aforementioned time period.

More specifically 64 percent of people mentioned education, with 61 percent of people mentioning the economy, and 47 percent talking about security and 46 percent touching on labour issues.

[Source – Facebook]
Facebook also looked at how conversations and topics were broken down according to gender. 52 percent of women for example, were involved in conversations compared to 48 percent of men. Men however, were more engaged with 57 percent of the interactions from posts and comments, compared to 43 percent for women.

[Source – Facebook]
Youth (25 – 34 years) was another segment of society which drove conversations on Facebook about the impending elections.

They were much more engaged 36 percent with the election-related content compared to those from the age group of 35 years and above with 14 percent.

[Source – Facebook]
With more people seemingly interested in the upcoming national elections on Facebook, it should be interesting to see if this results in a larger turnout come 8th May.


[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]

Nokulunga Xala

Nokulunga Xala

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