3D Printed Teen Titans Tower is small enough for your desk

While we’ve featured many 3D prints from Justice League members in the past, the younger Teen Titans haven’t received as much love from the maker community. That changes somewhat today with maybe the team’s most iconic image: the Titans Tower.

This T-shaped print comes to us from maker Marco Mota who tells us that he based this version on the much beloved 2003 incarnation of the show.

Using images from Google as reference, Mota started designing the tower in Tinkercad, stopping half way to move the project into Meshmixer. There he split it in half and mirrored it to make the front and back symmetrical.

The rock that the tower sits on was made using a random generator intended to create pieces of board games. A hole for the base of the structure was carved into the rock, again using Tinkercad. In total the modelling process took around 6 hours to complete.

Printing, as usual, took slight longer at 12 hours split between 5 for the rocky base and 7 for the tower.

Both the pieces of the print were painted, starting with a grey primer. The rock got some brown paint before a few methods were used to dirty it up and add the illusion of some understated greenery on the base.

The windows here were done with an enamel blue paint called Maimeri Rainbow, though Mota suggests that those looking to make their own version of this project stick to acrylics as they are non-toxic and dry faster.

If you would like to make your own and paint it in any way you like, the files to do so are available for free over on Thingiverse.

You can see the progress of this print – which was scaled to be 30 centimetres tall – in the gallery below.

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