Endgame’s opening weekend in South Africa: R34 million, 377K people

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Endgame raked in $1.2 billion internationally over its opening weekend, becoming the new record holder for that milestone, and the movie has pulled a similar movie in this country.

Let’s jump right into the numbers which Disney South Africa has released:

  • Opening weekend: R34 million
  • Opening weekend attendees: 377 000
  • Friday opening: R9.2 million
  • Friday opening attendees: 100 000
  • Saturday showings: R11.8 million

Opening weekend was 26th to 28th April, but the numbers above do include late night Thursday (25th April) previews.

These figures aren’t exact as the press release we received used words such as “around” and “over” to generalise the figures, but it’s still a good benchmark for the film’s performance.

We’ve been informed that Endgame has now broken several local records with these numbers, including: biggest opening weekend, biggest opening day, first movie to surpass R11 million in one day, and the first movie to hit the R30 million mark.

The previous holder of those first two records were none other than Avengers: Infinity War from last year.

Okay, press release facts and figures aside, it feels a bit strange to be rooting for Disney of all companies to make even more money. That being said, for many people (ourselves included) the MCU has become part of our lives and it can be difficult to dissociate the success of a movie many like with our own interests.

Man, academics in the marketing and socioeconomic fields are going to have a field day with all of this in a few decades, aren’t they?

By the way, we are very much aware that the header image is from the Spider-Man: Homecoming ATM scene, but it was the only MCU segment we could think of that had a visual representation of money.


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