Facebook will reportedly pull its apps from Windows Phone at the end of April

Believe it or not, there are still folks using Windows Phones but sadly their access to apps is about to get much smaller.

That’s because from 30th April, Facebook will be removing a number of its applications from the Windows Mobile platform according to word from a Microsoft spokesperson speaking to Engadget.

The apps in question are Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. At the weekend Windows Phone users received a notification from Instagram stating that the app would no longer be available on Microsoft’s hardware.

Instagram users on Windows Mobile were told that they’d still be able to log into Instagram using their mobile browser.

The departure of Facebook apps is hardly the biggest concern for Windows Phone users.

We say this because earlier this year Microsoft announced that it would be ending support for Windows Mobile in December 2018. That means that security and software updates are no longer being delivered to the handset.

This might be a good time for Windows Phone users to consider switching to a handset running Android or iOS especially with Microsoft no longer delivering security updates to the operating system.

On that note, Huawei announced pricing for the P30 Lite at an event in South Africa last night and at R5 999 we’re tempted to ditch our current Android phone for that low-cost option.


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