Home Affairs says its services are back on track countrywide

Earlier this week the Department of Home Affairs announced that all of its front offices in all provinces are back online and providing full services to citizens. This after services were interrupted in some offices due to a system upgrade.

According to SA News, the live capture system of 193 offices were upgraded as part of the Department’s modernisation programme which occurred between the 29th and 31st March.

“Clients who have applied for documents, including smart ID cards and passports, are invited to visit Home Affairs offices where they have applied to collect their documents, the department is thankful to citizens for their patience and reiterates its apology for service interruptions,” said the Department.

The publication added that on the 1st of April, most of the front offices were able to transact and issue documents with the exception of a few  which were offline.

Home Affairs further adds that it currently operates in an environment presenting many challenges with regard to meeting service delivery standards consistently, and the major factor is that its footprint is only partially aligned with the location and the size of the communities they are in.

They say a related factor is that most of the front offices are rented by the Department of Public Works and therefore, the quality of infrastructure provision such as office space, networks and access widely vary.

“The ongoing modernisation process programme at Home affairs, whose outcomes include a new national identity system, requires new technology which then necessitates system upgrades from time to time. How long they take depends on the magnitude of the work to be done,” concluded the Department.

[Source – SA News]
[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]


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