University of Pretoria launches future Africa Institute

Late last week the University of Pretoria (UP) launched a new research campus and pan-African platform called the future Africa Institute at its Hillcrest campus, which aims to be a leading research intensive institution in Africa.

According to IOL News, the future Africa Institute has been described as the missing link that would put the continent at the top and aspire to transform the world through African research excellence, according to the tertiary institution.

“Some African challenges can only be addressed by Africans, and this institution will do exactly that. We have skilled, qualified African people who can conduct their own research. The launch means the beginning of greater things, this is to certify that it is Africa’s time to leave a legacy to benefit the continent for the next 1000 years,” said president of the African Institute for Mathematical Science, Thierry Zomahoun.

IOL News added that the new campus will include modern living accommodation for postgraduate students, accommodation for visitors, a dining hall, an open research common areas designed for interactive work and a state of the art conference centre, as well as a crop-based gardens.

“Future Africa is the first of its kind, it is a collaborative space designed for transdisciplinary research. This is a space for thinking, learning, a collaborative platform and connecting in transdisciplinary ways,” added University of Pretoria vice-chancellor and principal, Professor Tawana Kupe.

UP stated that the institution is aimed to transform lives through education, research, development and using science to solve problems, improve conditions and have a positive impact on society.

[Source – IOL News]
[Image – University of Pretoria]


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