Goodbye Batfleck: Robert Pattinson may take over as Batman

Well here’s a surprise: we’ve known for some time now that Ben Affleck had official hung up his cape and cowl as the DCEU’s Batman, but now we know who will likely replace him – Robert Pattinson.

This news comes from Variety which is usually a solid source when it comes to what’s going on in Hollywood. It’s claim is that the man famous for his role in the Twilight movies isn’t signed on with Warner Bros. just yet, but he’s “the top choice” and the contract is “expected to close shortly”.

“The Batman” is apparently the next movie to feature the character, slated for a 2021 release and directed by Matt Reeves.

That leaves Pattinson plenty of time to bulk up to look appropriate for the role. All you really need to play the character is some height (Pattinson is apparently 1.85 metres) and a square jaw, which the guy definitely has.

In terms of acting we share the common sentiment that Pattinson is actually a good to great actor, but is forever haunted by the Twilight series and the fact that they became a massive joke to just about everyone, Pattinson included.

Piling on the problems is the fact that DC movies have been almost universally bad with some exceptions like Shazam being able to break the mould by finally clawing its way out of the terrible grittiness which was the hallmark of many of the films, especially those by Zack Snyder.

Throwing all those factors into the mix there’s just really no way to know if this is the right actor to play the role or if the movie will be any good regardless. All we know is that it’s an interesting choice and we’ll need to see how this plays out over the coming years.

Oh, and we can’t sign off without at least making one Twilight joke. That’s our allotment. The below is a gif, click on it.


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