Huawei South Africa says it’s “business as usual” despite US ban

It has been something of a tough week for Huawei following the suspension of its Android license by Google.

The move has put Huawei’s future into sharp relief and many users are left wondering “What will happen to Huawei?”, ourselves included.

In a statement sent to Hypertext this afternoon, Huawei South Africa has told us that the effects of the US ban are being mitigated locally.

“Huawei has been working for some time now to mitigate the impact of the US ban, this includes our South African operations. We have diversified our global supply chain as part of our business continuity management processes,” the firm said.

“In South Africa, we will continue to serve all our customers and partners with the same focus and dedication as before, and contribute to the ICT sector with vigour, as the fourth industrial revolution is a key economic focus for growth and social development,” it added.

As for security updates, the firm says that it will continue to provide security updates and after-sales services to all existing Huawei and Honor smartphone and tablet products. That goes for devices in the wild and in stock at stores around the world.

That point of security updates is a curious one though, as without an Android license, updating the software may prove tricky. We’re contacting Huawei for clarity on this statement (as you might imagine Huawei spokespeople are flooded with questions right now) and will be sure to share their response with you as soon as we have it.

Huawei vice president of corporate communications, Glen Schloss said this week, “The device in people’s hands are completely unaffected by what’s happening in the US. For owners of Huawei handsets in South Africa it will be business as usual.”

“We remain positive, but we are preparing for various eventualities. We are stockpiling components and have been working with our supply-chain partners for some time,” added Schloss.

The Chinese telecommunications giant was given a brief period of relief from the ban on Tuesday when the US Department of Commerce granted lifted some of the restrictions of the ban for 90 days.


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