Nintendo Labo VR support extends to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Another Switch game now has VR support through the Nintendo Labo VR Kit thanks to an update with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate becoming the latest title to receive the treatment.

This was announced a few hours ago on the official Nintendo YouTube channel in a short video (embedded below) which shows off how this will work.

Anyone expecting a first-person view through the eyes of your favourite fighter are going to be disappointing as it seems that the VR segment is just zooming in on a battle.

This also can’t be used on all battles, as it states that the VR support is “compatible with limited, timed, offline battles”.

Those wary of getting a bit sick while playing this way can also use the new functionality to watch CPU battles in VR.

“Dozens” of stages are supported with the ability to look around the environment while a fight goes on.

Unfortunately, as is the case with the Switch, the fidelity here isn’t great. Even in this trailer – which is supposed to act as a showcase for the feature – the quality of the models just isn’t there. It’s impressive that any kind of VR is working on the console, but it’s apparent that a lot of cuts had to be made.

Aside from the 60 odd minigames that Nintendo Labo VR comes with, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate joins Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as external games which now support the kit.


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