Doom Eternal Collector’s Edition available in South Africa for under R4K

Recently announced at E3, Doom Eternal will be yet another new release with a large, expensive Collector’s Edition, which we will be able to buy locally in South Africa.

Due to the nature of these products them making their way to our country isn’t always a given, so it’s nice to know that you can buy it here without worrying about importing it yourself.

To that end, at the time of writing, we’ve found three retailers who are stocking the Collector’s Edition, but in an odd way.

Firstly the PC version is nowhere to be seen, so if that’s where you prefer to play the game you’ll be paying up for the other items in the box.

Secondly the prices are not uniform at all. All three retailers have different prices listed with Raru being especially weird having it up for R3 999, but that is discounted right now down to R3 799.

The prices for each store and links to them can be found below:

BT Games

AnimeWorX (AWX @ Nexus) 


In the US this Collector’s Edition costs $200, which is around R2 939 at the time of writing. The price difference between that and what we’re paying in this country may seem high, and it is, but trying to import something this large and heavy would be much more costly, especially if purchased from a US state with more sale tax.

South Africans aren’t being taken advantage of in terms of the local pricing, it’s just an effect of a weak currency and a large luxury item.

So what are you getting for your money? The big ticket item in the box is a wearable version of the helmet that the Doom Slayer wears in both 2016’s Doom and Doom Eternal.

The smaller items include the game itself in a steelbook case, a 11 X 17 inch (27.94 X 43.18 centimetre) lithograph, a lore book and a playable cassette tape of both games’ famous music.

Last and least is the digital content which encompasses a year one pass, a player skin and a sound pack that gives weapons the sound effects from past game(s).

That year one pass gives holders access to two singleplayer expansions, but we’re sure more will be added to that in the future.

Overseas this product is selling out fast despite Doom Eternal only launching on 22 November of this year. That being said, these Collector’s Editions usually stick around much longer in South Africa given their high prices.


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