Inspired by Metal Slug and Contra, Blazing Chrome launches 11th July

New 2D run and gun games with retro stylings seem to come out every week now, but Blazing Chrome looks to be something special and finally has a release date of 11th July 2019. 

This title is described as a “retro love letter to Metal Slug & Contra” and you can clearly see the influences of both when the game is in action. We don’t think any title can quite capture the beautiful, unique look of the early Metal Slug games, but Blazing Chrome is trying. For gameplay this looks closer to a Contra title with the speed of combat and the powerups dropping in from the sky.

To announce the release date we have a new trailer to look at which shows off the two unlockable characters: the ninja Raijin and the “razor girl” Suhaila. We’re not entirely sure what a razor girl is but both characters rely on melee attacks with Raijin using a sword and Suhaila attacking with her metal arm.

The rest of the trailer shows off various mechanics and stages we’ve come to expect from the two franchises which inspired this game. There’s various vehicle sections, gigantic bosses, attack drones which automatically fire at the enemies and, of course, the ability to hang from ledges while still attacking.

With the newest Contra game being a rather poor looking twin switch shooter, and Metal Slug relegated to endless re-releases and vapid mobile games, it’s nice to see an indie developer fill in the gaps.

Blazing Chrome will be available for all three consoles (Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) as well as PC on Steam when it releases.


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