Simone Giertz & friends create Truckla: A Tesla pickup truck

You may know Simone Giertz for her YouTube antics which garnered her the title of “Queen of the Shitty Robots” but, in a pair of her latest videos, she’s swapped out robots for cars by converting a Tesla Model 3 into a pickup truck.

After planning for more than a year Giertz purchased a brand new Model 3 with the intention to chop it up and turn it into a pickup truck by cutting away the back quarter of the car, using the back seats and the boot as the truck bed.

If you’re wondering why this new car was bought instead of a used one, it’s explained that it’s cheaper to buy a new Model 3 Standard Range instead of a used Model 3 Long Range. It needed to be a Model 3 due to the chassis being made out of steel, which would help in the modification process.

From the way the build video is set out (embedded below) it looks like Giertz takes delivery of her new car and then immediately drives it to a rented fabrication shop to start chopping it apart.

Tesla fans and people with an aversion to such things should look away right at the start of this process as Giertz keys up the boot lid, writing “Truckla” right into the paint. This wasn’t some branding thing, but rather a way of slightly damaging the car to prevent any second thoughts about the rest of the project.

A team was assembled for the fabrication making this a real team effort where many of Giertz’s other projects are of a solo nature. The big three were mechanic Marcos Ramirez, YouTuber Laura Kampf and YouTuber Rich Rebuilds all pitching in, along with many others credited in the video description.

After a troubling start where cutting into a structural beam caused a significant shift in the car’s weight distribution, the rest of it went rather smoothly but did happen off-screen.

While Truckla is functionally working at the end of the video, it’s not complete. As you will see in certain shots the interior is not at all finished and some other finishes like wiring still needing doing.

You couldn’t tell any of that in the commercial that the team made to show off the project.

If you’re now convinced that Giertz has some of the best maker ideas out there, check out our interview with her from 2016.


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