This Ghostbusters Slimer is a 3D printed UV lamp

The Ghostbusters franchise continues to be a well of inspiration for the maker community with the latest 3D printing project to come from it being this very well executed, but rather unsettling, version of Slimer, which emanates green thanks to some UV lighting and glow in the dark filament.

Like the Ghostbusters this project was a team effort with Arif Sethi and Michael Webb being the two main people behind it while also leaning on other users from Thingiverse.

The main part of this print, the Slimer itself, was an existing model on Thingiverse that was remixed by Sethi in Autodesk Netfabb.

The original model was increased in size and hollowed out to accommodate a column of UV lights which go inside. A Ghostbusters logo (also a remix of an existing print) was included and a base was created to tie everything together and keep it stable.

This entire process only took around an hour before it was ready for 3D printing, which was done by Webb over the course of around 90 hours. This long time is owing to the immense size of the print standing 27.5 centimetres tall and 28.7 centimetres wide.

Those looking to make their own version of this project should keep the costs in mind as Slimer ate up around a kilogram’s worth of the expensive glow in the dark plastic. While this will glow on its own with ambient light, the UV was added into the centre to enhance the effect, and the wiring for it comes out neatly at the back of the base (right under Slimer’s rather large, Instagram influencer-esque ass).

While different colours and types of filaments were used here, some painting was needed on places like the logo, and these were done with some acrylics.

If this is the kind of light source you need in your bedroom (the entire project was actually created for Webb’s nephew who is currently obsessed with Ghostbusters) you can find the files to make it available for free on Thingiverse.

Make sure to read the description there was as it provides links to the filaments used, which you can pick up if you want to try to replicate the finished product (below) as close as possible. It appears the links are for UK-specific stores, however, so keep that in mind.

If these pictures aren’t enough you can see Slimer in his own video on YouTube.

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