3D Print of Vincent Valentine’s Cerberus has the famous triple barrel

While Final Fantasy continues to be a well of inspiration for 3D printing, we’ve mostly seen the bladed weapons from the franchise with the Buster sword, Paine’s sword and Kadaj’s double-bladed katana all popping up in the past. Today, however, we have a firearm to feature in Cerberus.

This unique revolver was made by Ryan Reddekopp who created Cerberus as part of a full Vincent Valentine cosplay.

He tells us that the project started in Lightwave 3D where all manner of reference material was used to make the final print as accurate as possible. Concept art, official figurines and screenshots from Advent Children and Dirge of Cerberus were all used here.

“The finished model takes bits from each iteration of the weapon, plus some of my own tweaking, and is kind of it’s own thing,”  Reddekopp says, “It’s hard to find good images that show the swirly lines on the barrel and foregrip, so I did my best to make it look good.”

After working on a different version for 18 months the best parts of each iteration were incorporated into the final design, with the total modelling time coming in at around 25 hours.

After some slicing in Cura it was finally time to print with detail chosen over speed here. Because of this Cerberus took about 120 hours to print in total. Certain large pieces, such as the barrel, took a full 24 hours to complete, with smaller parts like the textured wood handle only needing 4 hours.

The raw plastic went through several rounds of sanding moving up through four different grits of sandpaper. Superglue was used to fill in smaller gaps before that was sanded too, finally resulting in a surface smooth enough for painting.

A matte black primer was put down first with certain areas being polished to achieve a glossy look. while other areas were left matte to simulate weathering. A lacquer (in an appropriate gunmetal colour) was then applied to the entire prop.

The final detailing – such as the gold and silver elements – was painted on by hand. With all the colours in the right place the individual pieces could finally be glued together.

Once assembled the revolver measures in at 53 centimetres long and 20 centimetres high, making it comically oversized just as a good Final Fantasy weapon should be.

Those wanting to make their own Cerberus can find the files available for free over on Thingiverse.

While there make sure you check out the other parts of the Vincent Valentine cosplay that have been provided. His unique golden bracer and detailed belt elements are also available.

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