3D Print the pistol from Dishonored, no whale oil required

Despite it’s great aesthetic we see relatively few 3D prints based on the Dishonored series, but we thankfully have a new one to look at today in the form of a 1:1 scale replica of the pistol seen in the games.

Maker Lance Greene is the person behind this project, telling us that he decided on the pistol after replaying Dishonored 2.

“So I Googled some images to use as reference and found one that I liked. I took the base concept of their design and made my own version of it. I always prefer to make my own interpretation of things and I never make exact copies of stuff,” Greene says. “I just find design elements I like in things and make my own version of it, adding my own design aesthetic.”

To do this Fusion 360 was used and the model for the pistol was made in just two hours. Greene does product design professionally and is well versed in CAD, so it’s no surprise that this step flew by.

Printing took longer at around 10 hours, with the model rotated to stand on the barrel without any support material needed.

Once finished the prop measures in at 33.7 centimetres making it rather large in the hand. The raw plastic was passed on to one of Greene’s friends who added in the appropriate colours with a paint job.

The finished project can be seen in the gallery below with a few other prints from this maker in the background. We’ll hopefully have features on those in the future.

To make your own version of this pistol, grab the files available for free on Thingiverse.

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