Aramex Global Shopper adds five countries to its service

Personal import service Aramex Global Shopper has expanded to more countries, giving subscribers the ability to get goods from more places around the world.

Cyprus, Greece, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Switzerland are the new additions bringing the total amount of countries – by our count anyway – to 28.

As a quick refresher of what this company does if you’ve not interfaced with it: Aramex Global Shopper sets up satellite offices around the world and provides its subscribers with their addresses.

If you are one of these subscribers, and you want to buy something from one of these countries, you do so as normally and then have it shipped to one of those offices. The company will then go through the process of importing that delivery into South Africa and delivering it to your door… for a fee of course, on top of an initial payment to become a subscriber.

When products are just not offered locally and are only sold in places like the US, UK or Japan, this service is one of the best ways to get them into SA.

We’ve been using this service ourselves in a personal capacity for some time now and we’re very happy with it. The rates are fair and the calculator on their site is usually spot on as long as you know the exact weight of what you’re importing.

At this point we have to warn anyone thinking of joining about the regulations in this country around imports. Citizens are only allowed three imports per calendar year, otherwise they need to register for an importers code as a business.

Aramex Global Shopper provides some instructions to go about doing this, but we’ve heard from other subscribers that the process is near impossible for an ordinary person or small business to accomplish, so tread carefully.

Regardless, this is a service that is crucial for many hobbyists trying to get speciality items here, and the addition of more countries (at no expense to subscribers) is always welcome.


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