Become one of the Maccabian Janissaries with this 3D printed mask

The worlds of Warhammer and 40K have been a constant inspiration in the 3D printing community outside of custom miniatures with many weapons being created. Today, however, we have a piece of armour to look at in this mask for the Maccabian Janissaries.

The appropriately named StoneMasks is behind this project, and they were kind enough to tell us how this rather obscure part of 40K was turned into a print.

The mask started life as a rather unusual piece of software, and one we’ve never featured in all the years of the 3D Print of the Day series. Oculus Medium was chosen here as the piece was sculpted in VR.

StoneMasks says that they started with 3D modelling this year, and sculpting in VR is very intuitive. This process only took around three hours to complete, with pieces of art used as reference.

Printing took a full day to complete as it done to include as much detail as possible. Once off the printer it was covered with filler primer to make it as smooth as possible, as this print was to be used in a mould.

Using this mould a new mask was made with iron cold casting. This version was polished and then completed with a black wash to give it some weathering.

The finished product, which you can see in the gallery below, measures in at  21 X 17 X 10 centimetres and is meant to be worn.

Those making their own – using the free files available on Thingiverse – should scale it to fit their face and the rest of their cosplay, if that’s what it’s going to be used for.

If you’re more in the mood for some Warhammer weaponry, see our archive of 3D prints from it. Also give StoneMask’s Etsy page a visit for more masks you can buy instead of making them yourself.

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