Chromebooks aren’t just for the classroom, they mean business as well

Google’s hardware play in Chromebooks have been embraced in the education sector but the firm is eyeing the golden goose that is the enterprise.

As such, Google has partnered up with Acer Africa to help drive the message that Chromebooks aren’t just for the classroom anymore.

As you may be aware, Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome operating system. This gives users the ability to use Google applications from the Google Play Store.

More than that however, and this will be of interest to business owners, Chromebooks are incredibly secure.

This is because the operating system is cloud based and as such updates are nearly instantaneous. According to Ivan Eve, Chrome Enterprise Leader at Acer Africa, there is also a unique feature in Chromebooks – sandboxing.

This feature allows the OS to identify threats and isolate them so as not to affect the entire system.

“The use of this security mechanism is by far one of the most undersold yet crucial in the Chromebook make up,” explains Eve. “Via artificial intelligence, an application or document is isolated and then scanned for any harmful behaviour.”

This process happens behind the scenes will remove threats automatically.

After security, cost is also a concern for business owners and Chromebooks offer a substantial cost saving.

Acer Africa claims that enterprises can enjoy a saving of up to R7 000 per user, per year. This saving includes less IT support and maintenance, licensing (as users have access to Google’s suite of office applications) and of course, Chromebooks being more affordable.

Of course, as with any business decision we recommend deeply considering whether Chromebooks are right for your particular use case. It’s also worth considering how your employees will take to a completely new system they may not be all that familiar with.


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