DJ Fresh fired from MetroFM for swearing on air

Once every so often we’re reminded that radio presenters still need to watch what they say by way of a presenter saying something they shouldn’t have.

This week MetroFM presenter, DJ Fresh – real name Thato Sikwane – has been grabbing headlines following his suspension from MetroFM.

The presenter was taken off air a few weeks ago following a complaint that was lodged with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA). The complaint alleged that Sikwane had used an adaptation of “msunery” – an isiZulu swear word according to Times Live – on-air, in response to a listener.

MetroFM, or rather its owner, the SABC, was found guilty by the BCCSA and Sikwane was suspended for two weeks.

The presenter was also told that he would have to apologise.

But today the SABC has announced the it has terminated Sikwane’s contract with immediate effect.

“The termination follows unsuccessful engagements between the SABC Radio Management and Mr. Thato Sikwane, subsequent to his usage of offensive language on-air resulting in the SABC being found guilty and sanctioned by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) for contravention of clause 6 of the BCCSA’s Code of Conduct. In addition his conduct brought the SABC into disrepute,” the broadcaster said.

Sikwane has maintained that he offered to apologise two weeks ago despite the SABC claiming he refused to do so.

Video rebirths the radio star?

While all of this has been going Sikwane hasn’t been paid for two weeks and the man needs a job.

Yesterday Newzroom Afrika extended an invitation to Sikwane to join the Breaking Dawn show.

The presenter did just that and set social media ablaze.

Sikwane’s appearance was billed as a “live audition” and there’s no word just yet on whether he will be a permanent fixture on the Newzroom Afrika show.

While we understand that there are standards to uphold and rules regarding how folks on radio and TV can speak, firing DJ Fresh seems like an extreme reaction to an otherwise minor problem.

That having been said, Metro’s loss is potentially Newzroom Afrika’s gain. Sikwane has been entertaining folks since 1985 and we’re sure that even if he used every swear word in the dictionary (isiZulu or otherwise) he would still find work rather easily.

Fired for swearing, could you f**king imagine that?

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