Full size 3D print of COD’s Thundergun is a true wonder

The Call of Duty franchise is a rich source of inspiration in the maker community for replicating the bombastic weaponry in 3D printed plastic, especially the range of wonder weapons from the various zombie modes. Now the Thundergun is the latest “firearm” to receive this treatment, resulting in a sizeable prop for display or cosplay.

Wyatt Buxton is the man behind this project, telling us that he decided on the Thundergun for a familiar reason: it looks really cool, and no one else had made one yet.

Fusion 360 was the modelling software of choice here using the in game model as a constant reference to make it as accurate as possible – a rather daunting task as this initial stage took 30 hours to complete before it was time to move on.

Printing was next and Buxton says that those looking to make their own version at this size are looking at between one and two week of nonstop printing here, depending on infill settings.

As the files are sliced at the “natural seams” of the weapon, the finishing work here didn’t require any extra effort to make those connections disappear. All that was needed here was to remove the supports, glue the 36 separate pieces together, and paint.

You can see the selection of paints used here, with mostly FolkArt colours complimented by some Americana by DecoArt.

Once assembled the Thundergun is 76 centimetres long, and 35 centimetres tall. In the gallery below you can see just how big that is when in a person’s hands. Oh, and there’s also a chicken for scale.

The files to replicate this project are available for free on Thingiverse. That version is a single piece that will need to be sliced unless you have a truly massive printer, or you want a smaller desk toy. The sliced version can be found on CGTrader for $10.

If the Thundergun just isn’t for you another wonder weapon in the Ray Gun can also be printed. If both are a little much, consider something smaller and simpler in the ballistic knife from the original Black Ops.

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