Gorn hacks and slashes its way out of Early Access

Back in July of 2017 Gorn made its way onto Steam as an Early Access title, and now its 1.0 release is free to satisfy the digital bloodlust of anyone with a VR headset.

If you’ve not heard of the title before now, it’s the first VR outing for South African developer Free Lives, a company best known for the most American game not made in America, Broforce.

While Gorn may have a cartoonish, stylised look, it’s violence and gore is completely over the top. If you’ve ever wanted to squash an enemy’s head in with a great hammer, rip of his arm, and then beat up another enemy with the wet end of said arm, Gorn is the game for you.

This 1.0 release of the title brings “an ultimate showdown with a longtime nemesis, a new weapon, and more alongside SteamVR Index support and slew of fixes and tweaks,” reads a press release.

There’s a new launch trailer (embedded below) to give you a quick snippet about what Gorn is, but we highly suggest this video by UpIsNotJump, a YouTube content creator that is well known for its “Absolute Nightmare” series of videos usually focusing on VR titles.

That video really shows the depraved fun on offer here and what makes it so good compared to other titles that come up when you speak about virtual reality.

As we patiently wait for VR headsets to become more affordable in South Africa, we’ve heard countless people sing Gorn’s praises, naming it as a must play VR title, right up there with Beat Sabre.

This is why Gorn has an Overwhelmingly Positive review standing on Steam, both in the recent and overall review ratings.

Finally, the game is discounted by 25% for its launch week, bringing the price to R164.25 in our country.


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