Mozilla Firefox might be getting a Tor mode soon

Mozilla Firefox may soon receive a Tor browsing mode allowing users to launch into Tor right from their normal browsing window.

Of course, implementing a feature such as this takes time. As you might be aware, Tor or The Onion Router, gives users an inordinate amount of privacy by encrypting their web traffic. This aids in side stepping surveillance, online tracking and more.

However, being able to launch Tor from a regular Firefox window may give folks cause for concern.

As such the Tor team has initially proposed the creation of a Tor mode add-on for Firefox.

“This would not be packaged with the browser by default, but would be something that users could download from to give them a ‘Tor mode’ button or similar. It would allow users to experience what an eventual full integration with Tor could look like. It could also help gauge interest by counting downloads, etc.,” the team said.

The team is also throwing around the idea that Firefox uses Tor in private browsing mode. Having recently seen how little protection private browsing modes have in terms of tracking, this could be an excellent implementation of Tor.

Of course there is no guarantee that the team will develop this add-on for Firefox or that it would even be used.

While convenience is seemingly a driver here, we’d argue that folks using Tor regularly are doing so to protect themselves from prying eyes. Even so much as hinting that a user has launched a private browser window protected by Tor could be risky.

That having been said, for those of us who simply want to be left alone from time to time, a Tor add-on would be great.

You can download the Tor browser for free over on the official Tor Project website.

[Source – Tor]
[Image – CC 0 Pixabay]


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