Rick and Morty Pocket Operator goes on sale for $129

As with any piece of pop culture the amount of merchandise you can buy with the Rick and Morty branding on it is near endless, with a new product being added to the throng in the form of a Pocket Operator.

The Pocket Operator is a creation of the company Teenage Engineering, and is a piece of tech for making music. It can record samples and then use them to create new tracks on the fly using a small bare PCB that runs off of a pair of batteries.

Check out Andrew Huang’s video on these unique pieces of kit to see what they can do. With a bit of jiggering and a little bit of talent you can turn any snipped of audio into some pleasing synth or tech music.

The Pocket Operator has been on sale for some time now, so what makes the PO-137 Rick and Morty version special?

The logo of the show is branded onto the top of the device and each of the buttons has a green circle around it which we think is supposed to look like a portal which is seen in many episodes of the show.

More interesting here is the software. The small LCD display has an animation of the two titular characters together with information about what the device is doing, and Justin Roiland has provided a bevy of sound samples to remix to your heart’s content.

While the unboxing video for the product (featuring Roiland) seems to be pushing people to buy this from a little known app, it is available from the official Rick and Morty online store for $129.

The Collector Set linked above also comes with a case adding button covers and a lanyard, if you don’t like that bare look that the Pocket Operator has.

As for the value judgement here, we really can’t say. Niche audio equipment like this is usually on the pricey side and the branding here bumps it up a bit. If you were already thinking about buying one of these the integration with the show may be enough to push you over the edge, but we can’t see it offering much value for anyone else.

It’s still more interesting than a Funko Pop figure or other such things, and we’re sure some talented people out there will make interesting music with it.


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