Theropods is a classic point and click game about dinosaurs and aliens

If you love the point and click games of yesteryear complete with their chunky pixel graphics, you may be interested in Theropods, which just landed on Kickstarter.

The story here is relatively simply but still intriguing: in a world where prehistoric humans exist at the same time as dinosaurs, a mysterious yellow rock falls from the sky and brings about a whole lot of upset into the world of the player character, a hunter who then teams up with an alien who also landed on the planet.

You can see a bit of this story, as well as the gameplay, in the short trailer below. If just watching isn’t good enough, a demo is available to play right now, though it will only work on Windows. In that link to the demo you’ll also find three tracks that you can listen to from the game soundtrack.

If any of this has started to loosen the purse strings a bit, the cheapest way to get a copy of the game right now is the €12 early bird special which buys you a copy of the game on Steam. A limited amount of these specials are available and, when they run out, that price goes up to €15.

You ca pledge more money to get additions such as a soundtrack and a digital art book. If money isn’t something you worry much about you can splurge €1 000 on the highest tier which comes with a lot of digital goodies, as well as a handmade T-rex figurine.

If that’s too rich for you €400 lets you design a dinosaur to appear in the game, €200 puts you in the game as a villager, and €100 buys a pixel portrait of your mug done in the game’s style.

At this point we have to give the disclaimer for all Kickstarter and otherwise crowdfunded projects: don’t spend anything you’re not prepared to lose for no return. This game may never be released or the product you get at the end may not at all be what is advertised.

At the time of writing the campaign is hovering around the $7K mark with a $22 543 goal. If everything goes as planned the game should release on 21st June 2021.

Give the Kickstarter page a read over if you need more information, and there’s also a Steam page if you want to chuck it on the wishlist for another day.


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