This G1 Bumblebee is a 3D printed and articulated Transformer

The G1 designs of the Transformers are a fan favourite with many coming back to them time and time again when picking up new miniatures or making their own, with the latter being exactly how this 3D printed Bumblebee came to be.

This is the work of Reza Aulia, a maker who is on a mission to 3D print the G1 Transformers at 1:30 scale. Back in May we featured his take on Optimus Prime, and you can see that he’s kept a consistent scale here as Bumblebee is much smaller in comparison.

While Optimus Prime started life being modelled in SketchUp 2016, Bumblebee was instead done in Shapr3D as Aulia’s first creation in the software.

Surprisingly this step didn’t take long to complete, with Aulia telling us that two hours per day were spent here over the course of a week before the model was finished, complete with moving joints to do all the high kicks you could want.

Printing took just 12 hours to complete given this model’s smaller stature at just ten centimetres tall, again keeping with the 1:30 scale intended for this range of miniatures.

To avoid painting this model has been sliced according to colour and then printed with a variety of different filaments. Once off the printer some excess plastic need to be removed and the finished version in the gallery below was assembled withou even needing to be sanded.

The files have also been made to work on regular, single-filament printers, so you don’t need expensive hardware to make your own.

What you do need is those files, which are hosted for free over on MyMiniFactory.

Unfortunately this print does not transform into vehicle mode, for that you’ll need to see some other community creations such as the single piece Megatron or the imaginatively named TruckBot. 

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